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 Marriage in UAE

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Female Leo
Posts : 12
Birthday : 1988-08-10
Join date : 2013-06-20
Age : 30
Location : Los Angeles

PostSubject: Marriage in UAE   Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:32 pm


For the future, I wish to know if there is anyone knows details about marriage steps in UAE? I want to know all the legal steps especially that the rules there are so strict and the law so hard, so I don't want to do any mistakes!

If me and my Emiratean boy will get married, it is better for me to know from time (anyway it is an info which could be useful to many other couples in the future). So please, some help and some advices!
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Female Gemini
Posts : 146
Birthday : 1983-06-12
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Age : 35
Location : Alexandria, EGYPT

PostSubject: Re: Marriage in UAE   Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:32 am

Residents of the UAE, regardless of their religions, nationalities or backgrounds, may get married at Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) as it is the official entity responsible for issuing marriage certificates in Abu Dhabi. Muslims can perform the marriage ceremonies at the ADJD or with a religious clerk at home.


   Bride’s guardian's approval for the marriage. In case of the father's absence, the closest next-of-kin male can be the guardian, and in certain exceptional cases, the cleric sheikh himself may assume the guardian's role.
   Bride and groom have to be residents in the UAE.

Required Documents

   Birth certificate.
   Original passports and copies of the residence visas.
   A marital status certificate stating whether the applicant is divorced, single or widowed attested either in the applicant’s home country (by the respective foreign ministry and the UAE consulate) or in the UAE (by the applicant’s consulate and the UAE Foreign Ministry).
   Pre-marital Mutual Check Certificate.

As requirements might vary from one situation to another, it is important for the couple to consult their countries' missions in the UAE to get additional details about the requirements.

Once the above requirements along with the marriage application are submitted to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, marriage can be officially performed with the presence of two witnesses. The marriage certificate will be issued within a couple of days.

Getting Married at Church

Churches in Abu Dhabi may perform marriage, but both parties have to be Christians. If a marriage is performed in a church, the marriage certificate must still be obtained from ADJD. Furthermore, it is highly advised that the marriage is registered at the respective consulates.

Getting Married at Your Embassy

Foreign embassies may also perform marriages for their nationals. However, the marriage still needs to be registered at ADJD and the respective embassies regardless of whether it occurred at a court, church or temple.

Special Conditions

   Expatriate men marrying a UAE national lady have to provide good conduct certificate from the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police.
   UAE women who obtained the UAE citizenship by dependency are not allowed to get married to expatriates.

Source: Abu Dhabi eGovernment Gateway

Check also:

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD)

Marriage Contracts within the Judicial Department Premises

Pre-Marriage Mutual Check Certificate

Good Conduct Certificate

Attestation Services by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


La Ila illa Allah Muhammad Rassoulu Allah
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Female Gemini
Posts : 146
Birthday : 1983-06-12
Join date : 2013-04-13
Age : 35
Location : Alexandria, EGYPT

PostSubject: Re: Marriage in UAE   Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:51 am

Dubai: In Islam marriage is a legal contract between a man and a woman and aims at safeguarding the rights of the couple.Expatriate Muslims of all nationalities can marry in the UAE at the Sharia court which issued their residence visas. Those on a visit visa cannot register their marriage at the Sharia court.

According to the law, the husband must be a Muslim, but the wife can either be a Muslim, Christian or Jew, in order to be able to marry at a Sharia court.


The couple must have valid residence visas. However, if the wife is entering the UAE on a visit visa with her legal guardian, the residence visa of the husband will be enough to complete the marriage process.They applicants should present the medical report of the wife who is on a visit visa. This can be obtained from a government clinic or hospital.

On the other hand, if the husband is on a visit visa, the papers of the wife’s legal guardian (father, step father, mother, brother) are required for the medical of the husband.

If the wife is divorced or a widow, a proof of her status must be submitted to the court.However, if her divorce is pronounced by a court judgment, a statement that the judgment is not subject to an appeal, must be submitted.

Legal guardian

If the judgment is issued by the Court of Appeal, a statement that it is not subject to cassation must be taken from Court of Cassation.

If the wife is Muslim and her legal guardian is a non-Muslim, a letter from her Consulate saying that there is no objection to the marriage, must be attached.This must be ratified by the Foreign Ministry, with its legal translation into the Arabic language. The translation must be certified by the Ministry of Justice.

If the wife is a Christian or a Jew, residing in UAE, the attendance of her legal guardian, or the guardian’s deputy, is required.If there is no legal guardian, the judge can act as the legal guardian.Two Muslim witnesses should also be in attendance. (If the wife is a Christian or a Jew, the court will accept two witnesses from her religion.)

The couple also are required to check the conditions set down by their countries such as the authorisation of marriage, proof of social status and all other documents. The application fee is Dh60.The couple need to present their original passports or copies, and also the passport of the legal guardian and proof of the identity of the two witnesses.

Steps to be taken when you are ready

   Go to the Sharia court and give verbal information to the certification department at the court and then submit the papers.
   Pay the required fees.
   Appear at the court with the witnesses in front of the judge for examination of the application.
   If the papers are issued abroad, they must be approved by the Foreign Ministry in UAE.
   If the papers are drafted in a language other than Arabic, a translation endorsed by the Ministry of Justice is required.
   Christians can marry at any of the churches in the UAE. But they can only register their marriage in their home country.
   People of other religions such as Buddhists, Hindus, Sikh or Bahai can get married at their embassies or consulates.


La Ila illa Allah Muhammad Rassoulu Allah
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Female Gemini
Posts : 146
Birthday : 1983-06-12
Join date : 2013-04-13
Age : 35
Location : Alexandria, EGYPT

PostSubject: Re: Marriage in UAE   Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:04 am

More issues about marriage in Dubai:

The Sharia law is the law that governs the United Arab Emirates and according to this law, marriage is between a man and a woman and its only after the two are legally married can they be allowed to have children. The United Arab Emirates has in the last few years experienced a huge growth in its economy and this has led to an influx of people, many of them professionals coming from different corners of the world to live and work in Dubai. This is mainly due to the high quality facilities that one will find in this city.

According to the rules of the Islamic faith, marriage is an agreement between two people, a man and a woman that aims at protecting their rights and that of their children. It is a legal requirement that all marriages be registered in a Sharia court based in the UAE. This is to ensure the marriages are in line with the requirements of the law.

People coming to Dubai to work are allowed by the laws of the land to marry citizens of this country. Although this is the case, the rules governing such marriages are different based on certain issues.  If the two people getting married share the same faith, they will have no problems planning their marriage, nevertheless, when the two come from different faiths, planning a wedding might take sometime due to the many requirements that go with such marriages. A good example is when a man who professes the Christian faith is seeking to marry a Muslim woman. The law requires that the man must convert to Islam first before the marriage can be allowed to take place.

In the case where the two are not Muslims, they should both follow the rules of their home countries. Before the two can conduct a wedding, they are required to have a Dubai residence visa. In cases where one of the two spouses is in possession of a visit visa, it is mandatory that he or she undergo a medical check-up before marriage. The checkup should be in a Dubai medical facility.

Where two spouses are interested in a court marriage, they can visit the Dubai courts website and commence registration procedures from there.  The site is

Starting from 2013, all issues relating to marriage and divorces, family matters and reconciliation sessions are housed in the upcoming Dubai Personal Status Courts Complex in Al Garhoud area. Among the departments that will be housed in this complex include, a wedding chapel, a center for visitation and 15 court Chambers.

The process of getting married involves a host of legal steps that call for patience especially to people who are not citizens of this country and who want to conduct their marriages here. One should be ready to withstand all the challenges that come on the way, as the authorities must confirm everything before a marriage is legalized.

Below are some legal requirements that need to be fulfilled before one gets married in Dubai.

Legal requirements for expatriates who want to get married in Dubai.

While issues of residence may not be used to stop a marriage in Dubai, the rest of the issues that need to be sorted out before one can be allowed to wed in Dubai may take you up to four weeks. All people wishing to get married in Dubai must be aged 18 years and above and should not have any blood relationship with one another. They will be asked to come with two people who will act as witnesses. The witnesses must be in possession of IDS. These legal requirements may differ based on what is required in your home country and therefore its advisable that people wishing to get married in Dubai check with the embassies of their home countries before they start planning their marriages.

Steps towards getting a marriage license for an expatriate.
The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim nation and therefore people who do not subscribe to the Muslim faith can organize their marriages in churches or at the embassy of their home countries. Some of the documents that you need before marrying in Dubai include, birth certificates for both of you, passports ranging from up to ten years and their photocopies, results of blood tests done at the Health Ministry in Dubai, UAE Medical Fitness Certificate and passport and photocopies of your two witnesses.

In cases where there was a divorce, you need to produce divorce papers as well as your former certificate of marriage. Those who lost a spouse through death need to have a death certificate of their former spouse.

Those whose marriages are conducted in the English language are issued with a marriage certificate written in English; however, the law requires that the certificate be translated to Arabic for it to be legally accepted in the UAE. An official translator must do the translation. Once you are issued with the two versions of your marriage certificate, that is the English and Arabic translation, they should be handed over to Notary Public at the Dubai Courts where they will be certified.

From here, the certificates need to be checked further by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) before the final certification process by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). After that, you are required to visit your home country embassy in Dubai where the certificates will be certified so that they can also be used in your home country if you both come from the same country but if you come from different nationalities, you will have to get the certificates validated by embassies of both countries.

Islamic Marriages for non-UAE nationals.

If the marriage is between two foreigners who both subscribe to the Muslim faith, the law requires that both should be in possession of a valid UAE residence visa. The couple should be in the company of the father of the bride or his attorney to the Dubai’s Court section of marriages. They should also be in possession of the following documents

a)      Two Muslim witnesses who should be men.

b)      The guardian/ parent and the two witnesses must be in possession of passports and copies of their identification documents.

c)      Evidence of death or divorce of former spouse.

In instances where the bride is a practicing Muslim whereas the father is not a Muslim, a letter of no-objection from the embassy of her home country and which should be certified by the foreign affairs ministry must be produced by the bride.

It is only after the above documents are presented and the mandatory fee paid that a UAE marriage license is issued to the couple. After that, for the license to be accepted in your home country, it needs certification from both the justice and foreign affairs ministries. From there, you should take the marriage license to the embassy of your home country for certification.

Islamic Marriages for UAE nationals.

According to the Sharia Law, all marriages involving UAE nationals should be conducted in the Marriage Section of Islamic Courts. The two marriage partners need to be citizens of UAE or should be in possession of UAE residence visas.

According to Sharia Law, the groom needs to be a Muslim although there is no requirement for the bride to be a Muslim. All issues to do with payment of dowry should be sorted out before the marriage can be allowed to proceed. The bride is the person authorized to receive dowry. If the groom is required to pay a specific amount of money in form of dowry, the amount needed to be paid has to be specified before the marriage is allowed to take place.  If no dowry needs to be paid, this needs to be put in writing.  The law requires that the father of the bride should be present in person during the wedding and two Muslim witnesses who are both male.

Below are some of the documents that one needs to produce for a UAE marriage license to be issued.

a)      Original passports of both couples plus photocopies and other identification documents

b)      Where the father of the bride is deceased, the law requires a Sharia Declaration of the father’s death, and a written agreement consenting to the marriage from an uncle or a brother from the side of the bride. In cases where the bride does not have male relatives to consent to the marriage, a written document to prove this is required.

If the father of the bride cannot attend the wedding ceremony, a letter showing that the father agrees to the marriage must be produced.  A copy of the father’s passport to enable the verification of the father’s signature must accompany such a letter.

c)      In marriages where the bride happens to be a Muslim and the father is not a Muslim, a certificate showing the approval of the marriage from the embassy of the bride is required.

d)     If the bride is single because of death or divorce from her former partner, she must produce documents to prove this.

Once the ceremony is complete, the two are issued with a UAE Marriage License, which needs authentication from the Ministry of Justice.

Christian Weddings in Dubai

Christian weddings in Dubai may vary depending on where the couples come from, nevertheless, all Christian weddings in Dubai follow the below procedure.

You need to check the procedure with the embassy of your home country. One is required to carry a passport and sign an official declaration saying you are single and nothing can prevent you from getting married. You also need to confirm if the wedding can be conducted in the embassy premises, otherwise it should be conducted in a church.

In cases where both of you are from different countries, you need to check with both embassies for the right procedure. If for example you come from the US, you need to look for a pastor to conduct the wedding while people from India conduct their weddings at the Indian embassy in Abu Dhabi.

In cases where the marriage is conducted in English, the marriage certificate needs to be translated to Arabic by a translator who is authorized by the court. This ensures the validity of the marriage in the UAE.

The two marriage certificates should later be submitted to the Notary Public Office at Dubai Courts for verification. For one to do this, they need to be in possession of a UAE Residence Visa.

After that, the certificates need to be taken to the Ministry of Justice for verification before proceeding to the Ministry of Foreign affairs, for the Ministry of Justice verification to be checked and passed. After that, the final step should be to take the certificates to your home country embassy for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification to be verified and passed.

Those who need to know more on the procedures of Christian marriages can visit St.Mary’s Church in Bur Dubai where these issues are discussed in detail on Mondays up to Thursdays and Saturdays between 8am to 12 pm and 4pm to 6pm.

Mixed Religion Weddings in Dubai

In marriages where the man is a Muslim and the woman is not a Muslim, they should both seek help from the Marriage Section of the Dubai Court where all details of Islamic marriages can be explained. When the woman is a Muslim, and the man is not, the marriage can only be conducted in Dubai if the man accepts to convert to Islam.

For those who come from other religions apart from Islam and Christianity, it is advisable to get in touch with the embassies of their respective countries for more details.  Churches do not allow weddings between Christians and non-Christians.


La Ila illa Allah Muhammad Rassoulu Allah
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Female Leo
Posts : 12
Birthday : 1988-08-10
Join date : 2013-06-20
Age : 30
Location : Los Angeles

PostSubject: Re: Marriage in UAE   Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:02 am

Good morning!

Long time since I was here, but with reason, strong one!
First, I thank you Kadreyah for all the info you post here - it helped me and my fiance a lot!
Honestly, after we both read all what you wrote and after he checked to the authorities from UAE too, we became kind of Shocked silent . We felt like the destiny is stubborn with us!

But after a deep breath and long discussion, we organized ourselves and we decided to start with the beginning: my residence visa there (we prefer to marry in UAE and than legalize the marriage in my country, instead of marry here and than when we try to admit it in UAE, the authorities deny the marriage).

About the visa, my papers are already submitted for a work contract there as a graphic designer and until now, the things seem to go nice and on the right line. After I get the green light to go there, I will prepare my bags and fly direct to UAE.
The other concern is if I will be able to make all my marriage papers from there through the Embassy (this issue I am investigating it now here, to know what to do).

My fiance is a real support for me and so so so wonderful man who really made himself upside down to know everything right.
God help us!

I will follow with you step by step to tell you the situation!
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Female Leo
Posts : 12
Birthday : 1988-08-10
Join date : 2013-06-20
Age : 30
Location : Los Angeles

PostSubject: Re: Marriage in UAE   Thu May 01, 2014 5:02 pm

Hello again! I am back with fresh news. Well it seems that I will move to the other side of the world... Yeah, I got the job, but not as a graphic designer for the companies I submitted my CV, but for an advertising company (which was my last option) and not in Dubai, but in Sharjah  Neutral . However, the point is that what I was need from the beginning is a contract work and visa so that we can go on with the marriage papers.

By September I have to start there (after all documents are finished); I checked how it is the issue with the documents through the embassy and while they said that will be not a problem at all, they also said to try to bring my documents ready when I come and with a valid date on it  Suspect . I will do it and I really hope we will have good luck.

Thank you once again for all the information and I will keep you all up to date with everything.  lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Marriage in UAE   

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Marriage in UAE
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